Mobile Bus Simulator Mod APK 1.0.5 Unlimited Money/Unlocked

mobile bus simulator mod apk unlimited money

Android 4.1+


April 20, 2024

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Feb 17, 2018

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About Mobile Bus Simulator Mod APK

If you have experience travelling by bus, you may know how fun and unique the bus journey is. The visuals outside the view look amazing if you go from one place to another. Now, you can experience it by driving in the Mobile Bus Simulator Mod APK game. This makes the impossible things possible for you to give complete knowledge about bus driving and the life of a bus driver, like how to handle big vehicles in tough situations and much more like that. In this game, you will learn about all the important aspects of driving a bus and a lot more. Public Transport Simulator Coach is an alternative simulation game that gives you a similar understanding of the bus games. The basic concept behind such games is to take the bus from one place to another; mostly, you have to use the bus as a public transport, like picking up and dropping people at their desired locations.  

Bus Simulator games features

Driving Bus in different Locations

Driving a bus in different locations can be one of the best fun experiences in a mobile bus simulator game. Especially when you are visiting outside the city, the visuals and atmosphere around you will refresh your mind. So, to make you engaged with the game, the developers of the mobile bus app have introduced different locations or maps in the game. When you are about to start the game, the first option you would need to select is a location where you want to offer the services as a driver. Hence, you can pick the map between Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. Furthermore, if you go on a long trip, your chances of winning more rewards also get increase.

different locations

Try different Buses for the Journey

The developer of this game has covered all the important aspects that can make the game successful in the simulator category because they have integrated an option to select different buses. You will be able to choose the Bus from different varieties of buses. There are more than twenty styles of buses available in the mobile bus simulator apk game. If you find the number of passengers is massive, you can select the Bus with more capacity. Different colors of buses, such as red, green, orange, white, grey, and black, and with patterns are included in this game.

Upgradation of your Bus

After long travelling, you must consider upgrading the Bus, and you can make changes and upgrade the buses using different options. You must benefit from these options to give your Bus a new and modern look. The next thing that comes to mind is what customization can do. In this case, you can change the sound or type of horn, steering of the Bus, front bumper, rear bumper, and strobe light. Furthermore, you can download your smartphone’s mobile bus simulator game to explore all possible customizations.

bus upgradation

Easy to Drive and Control

The control system of any game is a key factor that can make a game famous worldwide because if it doesn’t offer user-friendly control, it becomes difficult for users to play the game. Keeping this thing in mind, the developer of the bus simulator game has made this game easy to play. As this is a driving game, it is necessary to have position buttons in friendly places. This is what you get in this game; you can easily control and drive the Bus. Even if you are new to the mobile bus simulator game, you can still understand its controls on the first go!

Get All Items Unlocked in Mobile Bus Simulator

The game’s main version has locked features, which we can’t use for free. We must always wait to collect enough money to unlock the required items for the Bus. Then, here comes the mod version of the mobile simulator because it gives you all unlocked. You can also get unlimited features in the Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK.

Mobile Bus Simulator – Our Review

We recommend that those who want to experience something new in the simulation category download the Mobile bus simulator MOD APK. You can learn and get knowledge about the bus drivers. The features of the games are marvellous and useful, and you will surely enjoy this game. Alternatively, if you love farming, then you can play the Farming Simulator 20; in this game, you get a prospect to learn about farming life. 


Yes, you can change the bus in Mobile Bus Simulator, and more than 20 buses are available in this game.

Yes, you are allowed to customize the bus’s appearance. You can change the colour of the bus, type of horn, steering of the bus, front bumper, rear bumper and strobe light.

Yes, the game is 100% free to play.

Download an emulator and install it on your pc. Then search the Mobile Bus Simulator; you are ready to go after installing it.

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