Larva Heroes Mod APK v2.9.2 (Unlimited Gold and Candy)

larva heroes mod apk unlimited gold and candy

Android 4.4+


March 9, 2024

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Century Games Pte. Ltd.

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Mar 1, 2014

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  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Candy
  • Unlimited Resources

What is Larva Heroes APK?

For those who love playing action games and are looking for entertainment that has some unique gameplay, then you should play the Larva Heroes Mod APK. In this game, you will have the enjoyment that you may have never seen in other action games. This is an animated action game that will take you to the action of the animation world. You can also play the Larva Heroes game with friends around the world and discover some new actions in this game. You have to fight for your survival in this game and beat the enemy who is offensive to you. You can also play Stickman Dragon Fight to get nonstop action. Different characters are included in the game, and you have permission to customize your heroes and give them a fresh look. The main aim of the game is to dominate other players who open a battle in the city, and if you beat them, you can earn exciting rewards within the game.

About Larva Heroes Mod APK

This is the modified version of the game, and it comes up with a lot of benefits that you can’t avail in the standard version of the Larva Heroes: Lavengers action game for Android. You will find unlimited gold and candy in this modified version and many more things. You will be amazed to see the unlocked features because these features will eventually help you perform in the game. To explore more action games, you can download Bowmasters APK. The game is very easy to play, and the control system added to the game is also user-friendly. You can easily manage the movement of your heroes. Overall, it will be a new experience for you to play an action game, and when you download the modded version of Larva Heroes, it gives you endless opportunities to play the game with all the paid features for free.

larva heroes download latest version

Larva HeroesOriginal vs MOD

Less Gold, MoneyUnlimited Gold, Money
Limited CandyUnlimited Candy
No Free PurchaseFree Shopping
Locked ResourcesUnlimited All


The gameplay of Larva Heroes action game revolves around eliminating the enemies who are attacking you. There are two main characters, red and Yellow, they have been living in New York City in the past, and after an attack, they decided to go back and save the area. All you need to do is defend the enemy who is coming from the black gate, and none of them should be able to cross the line. Also, they have stolen the sausage, which is, by the way, one of the favourite things for larvae. So, it becomes obvious to fight evil for better survival.

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Multiple Heroes and Supportive Characters

Many characters are available to play with in Larva Heroes: Lavengers mobile game; all the heroes have special skills and can beat the enemy easily. You can pick your dream character from yellow, red, super yellow, wizard brown, black night, and rainbow warrior and jump into the fight with the clever opponent. You can also call other supporting heroes, such as Mask Red, Cyborg Red, Steel Red, Ninja Red, etc., for your help during a battle.

A lot of Different Game Levels

You will not feel bored once you download the Larva Heroes game because the developers of this game have covered all the important aspects that can give hours of entertainment to its users. Therefore, you can play different levels, and each stage will have more interesting tasks or missions. So, try to explore all the game levels because it can help you learn more about the Larva Heroes game.

Transform Your Heroes

Initially, you may see that the heroes will not have enough skills to fight against the monster enemy, but later, you would need some powers to tackle the difficult enemy. That’s why you can transform the heroes into mighty heroes with advanced skills, giving you a solid chance to counterattack the enemy. Hence, transform your heroes as per your battle requirements.

Play with Facebook Friends

As we told you, this is the perfect game because its features are amazing, and it’s one of the demanded features everyone would like to have in any similar game. In the Larva Heroes game, you can play the game with your Facebook friend; you need to simply visit the relevant section in the game and invite your Facebook friends. After they accept your invitation, you are ready to play Larva Heroes with online players.

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Larva Heroes Unlimited Gold and Candy

You will have limited resources in the standard version of the Larva Heroes, but if you download and install the Larva Heroes Modified APK, then you can get unlimited gold and candy. These possessions can help you to enhance your gaming experience with this game. The Stickman Warriors Mod APK game also has unlimited money.

Free Shopping and Unlimited All

This is the beauty of the mod version of Larva Heroes APK because it allows you to do free shopping. That means now you can buy more features and characters that you find locked. Now, anything you like is possible to get for free in the mod version of this game.

win rewards in larva heroes action game

Larva Heroes – Pros and Cons

  • PROS
  • Larva Heroes Mod gives you unlimited gold and candy
  • The game is 100% free to play
  • Unlimited All
  • Fast Download
  • CONS
  • Internet is required for shopping
  • No more cons

Larva Heroes Review

In final words, for those who love action games in the shape of animation, Larva Heroes Modded APK is made for you. It has so many different heroes and supportive characters who can help each other in the battle. You have the grand permission to transform your character’s abilities and go through difficult stages without any worry; after all, you have skilled players. Playing Larva Heroes with friends can also be a new experience, so that you can play with your online or Facebook friends around the world!


The red and yellow larva is the main characters of the Larva Heroes: Lavengers game.

Yes, you can play this game with your Facebook friends, but you must invite friends first to join the game.

Yes, the modified version of the Larva heroes is 100% free to play.

You can download the mod version of Larva Heroes APK from and install it on your phone to get unlimited gold and candy.

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