Haunted Dorm Mod APK 1.7.3 (Unlimited Money, Gems, Coins)

haunted dorm mod apk unlimited gold

Android 7.0+


April 29, 2024

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Introduction of Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Horror games have a special fan base because few people love to play games that have both horror and adventure in the same game. So many horror games are available in the market. But here we’ll be discussing the Haunted Dorm Mod APK because it brings more adventure compared to other similar games you may see in the Play Store. You’ll have never seen such features in any game you will get in the Haunted Dorm APK.

The concept of Silent Castle and Haunted Dorm is almost the same; you’ve to escape from the dangerous creatures and find a perfect place where you can’t get caught easily by the evils surrounding the area. If you get caught, you’ll be beaten by the enemy. So, it’s time to create a smart strategy to flee or find a way to defeat the ghost; if you manage to kill the ghost, then you will earn a lot of rewards which you can utilize to improve your skills in the game and compete more effectively than ever.

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Gameplay Guides and Tips

The gameplay of the Haunted dorm is the same as we have seen in Silent Castle, but the haunted dorm has more resources and game modes than the other game. For sure, you’re going to enjoy all the modes! Once the gameplay gets started, your main goal should be to find a room where you see an empty bed, and you have to go to a night’s sleep after locking the door and must upgrade the security of doors because a ghost will visit every room in the house time to time. You can win the stage and be upgraded to a new level if you have a strong room defence.

Can I play Haunted Dorm on iOS?

Yes, players can enjoy the haunted dorm game on both Android and iOS devices too. If any of you want to play the game on iOS, you can visit the app store to get the relevant iOS edition of the game.

Haunted Dorm Features

Survive as long as possible

When you start playing the haunted dorm game, it this going to be your main task to go and find a safe room where you don’t get caught by the ghost because they are chasing you and your friends. If any of them get trapped by a ghost, you will be killed, which is the end of gameplay.

You should try to survive as long as possible in the Dorm and make it happen, and you first need to find the safest place. When you find a free space, and then go to sleep without any delay. Try to keep the door security upgraded by spending coins and other necessary things.

Explore Different Game Modes

It’s human nature we hardly intact with a single thing for long. Therefore the developers of Haunted Dorm have introduced different modes of the game so that you don’t feel bored while playing the game. So, the good news is you will have different game modes to play the game.

Five different game modes are integrated into this game: seven monsters mode, dream haunter mode, story mode, duo, ghost, and angels modes. Each mode has some dissimilarity; you can explore all the modes to see what they offer.

haunted dorm horror game

Gameplay with Different Characters

You will have different characters in the Haunted Dorm, which includes both men and women genders. Initially, you may find characters locked, but you can unlock the characters using different available resources in the game. It’ll be fun to play the game every time with different characters.

Furthermore, all the characters you see in the game will have some abilities, and you can select the one you are comfortable playing with. There’s also another possibility to unlock the characters; you can play the ads to unlock the characters for free without paying anything.

Play Online and Offline

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, then you should not worry anymore because the developers of The Haunted Dorm have designed the game in such a way that allows users to play the game online and offline as well. Therefore, you can now enjoy the game anywhere, anytime, without an internet connection. But for the shop section of the game, you should have wifi to buy additional items.

Win Exciting Rewards

You must complete the task to win rewards in the haunted dorm horror game. If you manage to succeed by completing the specified levels, you can earn many rewards, and after completing it, they will be added to your records. The rewards may include spell catapult, energy shield, and much more. So, try to make an effective strategy to stay safe till the end so that you can win more rewards.  

Haunted Dorm MOD Features

All Characters Unlocked

The standard version of the game comes up with locked characters, but after downloading the Haunted Dorm Mod version, you get the opportunity to use any character you want because the modified version of this game gives you all the characters unlocked and free to use. So, now you don’t need to pay anything.

Unlimited Money and Gold

The mod version also provides you unlimited money and gold; using the money, you can buy more helpful equipment in the game. Eventfully, it helps you perform better compared to the other players in this game. You can buy a repair bench, guillotine, barb, and many more useful items from the shop section of the haunted dorm game. So, everything is available under the downloadable content of the Haunted Dorm game.

No advertisement

Sometimes when you are playing the game and after a while, you face irritating ads, and such things make you leave the game. But the mod version allows you to play the game without facing any ads because it’s an advertisement-free version of the game, or all the ads are removed from the game.

haunted dorm mod apk unlimited money and gold

Haunted Dorm Final Thoughts

In the final remarks of Haunted Dorm MOD APK, we can say that this game can give you real entertainment if you are a fan of horror games. The game has multiple gameplay modes, and all the different modes have something special. Also, you are allowed to play the game with different available characters. The graphics are the same as a horror game should have, and the sound quality is on point.

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