Top 5 Best Music Games and Apps for Android

Music-based games are trending these days, and if you want to enjoy music in the shape of games, you should find the best music games. Certainly, we are going to mention the 5 Best Music Games and Apps most-played games these days. You might love all of them and would be interested in playing these games on your mobile phone. Are you ready to explore the games? Here we go:

Top 5 Best Music Games and Apps

1. Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is one of the world’s famous music applications, and people worldwide use this app on a daily basis. It has many benefits; those who download this app on their mobile device can have their favourite songs in place and create a wishlist or library songs. Below, you can find some key features of Spotify Premium:

5 Best Music Games and Apps - Spotify Premium

Key Features

  • You can have unlimited skips in Spotify Premium.
  • It lets you enjoy the music without ads.
  • You can listen to songs in offline mode.
  • Top singer’s songs categories.
  • There’s no No Shuffle Limit.

2. My Singing Monsters

Have you experienced the monsters singing? Now it’s the time to play a game where you will find singing monsters. You can explore a world of monsters and collect some new monsters because more than 100 singing monsters are available in this game. Breeding new hybrids is also possible in my Singing Monsters mobile game.

My Singing Monsters

Key Features

  • Players can explore musical lands in my singing monsters game.
  • Grow different breeds of monsters and have extra fun.
  • You can create your own music and enjoy it with other players.
  • Download My Singing Monsters APK and enjoy entertaining gameplay.

3. Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is a popular piano tiles game that people love. Piano Tiles 2 has an addictive interface and gameplay where players tap on black tiles to play music and avoid thumping on the white tiles. The game comes with various music genres and difficulty levels, and it’s a challenging but, at the same time, enjoyable game for music lovers.

Piano Tiles 2

Key Features

  • Enjoy Piano Tiles 2 with multiple game modes.
  • You can have a wide range of entertaining music.
  • Users can customize the theme.
  • Challenge your friends in Piano Tiles 2.

4. Cytus II

In the world of music games, the Cytus II game is a dynamic rhythm-based game that comes with diverse kinds of songs. The gameplay is very entertaining and challenging. In the Cytus II game, players tap, slide, and hold notes to the rhythm of the music. Also, playing the Cytus II game will be fun, and you will admire the interface of that game as well.

Cytus II

Key Features

  • Players will enjoy Dynamic Rhythm Gameplay in Cytus II.
  • Interesting storyline to explore.
  • Multiplayer mode to play online.
  • Multiple types of music to enjoy.

5. Dancing Line

When it comes to the Dancing Line game, the visuals of the play are amazing, and players will go into different challenges. Various obstacles will arrive in the way of users during gameplay, and they have to cross and twist to the beat of the music. So, be sharp and react fast to become a winner in the end.

Dancing Line

Key Features

  • It has the best rhythm-based gameplay.
  • Unique levels to explore in Dancing Line.
  • Enjoy multiple sounds and music.
  • Amazing visuals during gameplay.


In the end, everyone has their own taste in music, and you can make a choice and pick which game is your favourite game. All these games and applications mentioned have unique features you can experience after downloading. If you want our recommendations, you will go with two of them, Spotify Premium and My Singing Monsters.

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