Mimicry MOD APK v1.4.5 (Unlimited Money, Menu, God Mode)

Mimicry MOD APK

Android 5+


May 20, 2024

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Euphoria Horror Games.

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Dec 20, 2021

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About Mimicry MOD APK

Are you interested in both horror and action games? Then the Mimicry mod APK game for Android can give you both experiences in one game because it’s an online horror action game. You may have played many horror games in the past, but this game is special; the fun becomes double when you download the mod version of the mimicry game; this version offers you unlimited money and gems. Also, the game is free to download from our website APK Wires. If you like playing such games with your family members and friends, you also have permission to utilize this feature and enjoy the action-plus horror game with your close ones. The entertaining game will not let you stop the game, and you will want to play it repeatedly. That’s why this game is very popular, and more than ten million people have downloaded the game so far around the world, and increasing day by day!

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Gameplay of Mimicry

When it comes to the gameplay of the mimicry APK, it’s very entertaining and easy to play. Once the game gets started, you’ll be a part of a 9-character team or group, one of you will get infected by an alien, and eventually, he’ll become a monster. Also, it enables some abilities like turning himself into a human, a monster, an animal, and any player killed in the game. You must take away from these monsters so that you can sustain more in the game. The game also allows all the participants to chat and talk by voice while playing the game. So, try to follow the instructions and level the base whenever you receive a message regarding this.


Rules in Mimicry Game

  • Follow the marked suggestion to complete the mission or task.
  • When you see the progress bar gets full, then make sure to leave the location.
  • Once the game gets started, collect the weapon because soon, a player will get infected and turn into a monster.
  • You can exit when you are left alone.
  • Kill and then burn the monster to win the competition.
  • Anyone can be a monster, so don’t trust anyone.
  • Don’t open the fire without any reason.
  • Make good communication, and open the voice chat.
  • Boost your energy with energy drinks.
  • You don’t need to complete the task if you become a monster.

Two Different Game Modes

The mimicry APK comes up with two unique game modes, and you can play the mode you like playing the game. When you open the game at the bottom right, you’ll see the option to select from “play with friends” and “play,” if you click on play you’ll be taken into a part of 8 8-character group or team, including you. So, there would be a total of 9 characters. After that, when you click on play with friends, you can now create a team and invite your friends.

Moreover, you’re allowed to change the playing region and play with a global team and friends. You’ll be able to explore regions such as Europe, Russia, North America, South America, Asia, and India. So if you have friends in these regions, switch to the relevant region and start your mimicry mod APK journey.

Character Customization

Now, if you’re interested in changing your character’s appearance, the mimicry APK also gives you the freedom to do this. You can edit your characters, and the face can be changed for your male or female player, the six types of face layouts are available to choose from. There are 5 different types of hairstyles, without hair, curly hair, spice hairstyle, etc. So, make your characters according to your requirements. Furthermore, if you want to put the flag, you’ve permission and can select from the 220+ countries’ flags.

There’s a variety of suits and clothing available in the mimicry APK game; almost all types of modern suits are available. In the clothing section of the game, you’ll be able to customize your character using hats, glasses, face masks, shirts, pants or shorts, and stylish shoes are available.

Maps and Locations

The Mimicry APK game for Android offers two types of maps so far. Both maps have exciting locations; the first is a popular base, and the second is a school. The list of different locations on both maps are listed below;

Base Map

  • Control Room
  • Security Room
  • Bedroom
  • Radio Room
  • Canteen
  • Generator Room
  • Ventilation Room
  • Electrician room
  • Laboratory room
  • Warehouse

School Map

  • Library
  • Classroom 5
  • Medical Room
  • Headmaster
  • Canteen
  • Kitchen
  • Stairs
  • Roof

Earn Rewards by Completing Missions

To get the reward money and gems in the Mimicry APK game for Android smartphones, you’ll be assigned missions or tasks daily; each task has a special requirement and special rewards. Also, it’ll help you to upgrade the levels. Below we’ve mentioned some tasks that keep changing daily, which means you’ll get different missions each day.

  • Use stationary first aid kid (Earn 5000 XP)
  • Drink an Energy Drink (Earn 1000 XP)
  • Use a first aid kit (Earn 2000 XP)
  • Escape through the main gate (Earn 3000 XP)

What’s New?

  • Added new objects for the new season.
  • The imbalance error you faced in the previous version is fixed.
  • All the major and minor problems are fixed.
  • New missions are added so that you can earn more rewards.

Mimicry Game Review

The Mimicry MOD APK would be a fine game for those who want to play action and online horror games. Especially when you play the game in a group and with friends, you’ll enjoy it more! The realistic graphics are on point, and the game’s sound will not disturb you; you will enjoy the sound. If you don’t want to hear the sound, you can disable it at some point! To keep winning the competition, stay active and make sure to kill the monster.

FAQs of Mimicry

To get unlimited money and gems, download the Mimicry Mod APK and get the benefits of paid features for free.

No, you can’t play the mimicry game offline.

Download the Mimicry Mod APK because it’s an ads-free version of the game.

4.3 (163)